TÅG 150 – Tidernas största tågfest med gamla, nya och framtidens tåg
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TRAIN 150 in
Gävle 7-10 September 2006

The year 2006 will see the 150th anniversary of the railways in Sweden. The anniversary celebrations are being organized on the initiative of Banverket (Swedish Railway Administration), in association with Järnvägsforum (Railway Forum), Green Cargo, SJAB, TGOJ Trafik, EuroMaint and Jernhusen. The celebrations will take place throughout Sweden, and throughout the whole year.

 The most comprehensive event of all - TRAIN 150 - is being organized by the Swedish Railway Museum and Banverket. The theme of the event is old and new trains and trains of the future. Banverket is thus one of the main organizing forces behind the biggest train event in Sweden in the past 25 years.


Opening hours

Thursday 7 September - Sunday 10 September.

The Museum and grounds will be open between 09.00-17.00 hours.

On Saturday evening the museum grounds will be open until 22.00 hours. (The Modern Train Exhibition at the adjoining AGEVE loco and rolling stock workshop site closes at 17.00 on Saturday).


Admission charges

A one-day ticket costs SEK 100. A four-day ticket costs SEK 150. Children (up to 16 years of age) free of charge. Travel by Museum Specials (trains departing at hourly intervals) between Gävle Central Station and the Swedish Railway Museum/AGEVE is included in the admission charge. Once you have paid for your admission ticket you are free to stroll through the various sections of the grounds. A special crossing over the railway tracks to Fliskär will be arranged to facilitate free and easy movement.


Advance ticket purchase

Tickets can be purchased in advance via SJ Telephone Sales Department, +46 771 75 75 75 or at SJ ticket offices. Tickets can also be bought at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle, at its branch in Ängelholm, at the Gävle Tourist Office and the station café in Storvik.


Ticket sales outlets 7-10 September

Entrance by Upplandsleden, old AGEVE area.

Entrance by Swedish Railway Museum goods-in entrance (Rälsgatan 1) or the main entrance

alongside the railway to Skutskär (Rälsgatan 1)

Gävle Central, platform 4

Railway café at Storvik.

On board local trains from Storvik and Ockelbo.


Excursions by Vintage Train and Veteran Train

From Stockholm and Uppsala, every day. Special ticket required.

From Borlänge and Falun, every day. Special ticket required.

From Eskilstuna, Västerås, Sala, Avesta Krylbo, Saturday. Special ticket required. More information here.

Admission to the Museum is included in the price of the above train excursions.

Museum Specials to TRAIN 150

Museum Specials will run to the TRAIN 150 area every day (departing at hourly intervals or more frequently if required). NOTE! Admission tickets include travel on the Museum Specials, but on the day of travel they can only be purchased at Gävle Central (platform 4). So if you have not bought your admission tickets in advance, be sure to arrive at Gävle Central in good time to buy them. The Museum Special timetable will be available here.


Goods trains

Thursday, Friday and Sunday will see some great photo opportunities when a number of goods trains will run between Hagaström and Skutskär and/or Fliskär. The timetable and composition of these trains will be available here.


Short trips by steam train

On Thursday, Friday and Sunday we will be putting on short trips from the Swedish Railway Museum to Hagaström and back. The trains will be pulled by steam locos. The timetables for these short journeys, which take about an hour for the round trip, will be available here.


Local trains from Storvik and Sandviken, and Ockelbo and Kolforsen

You can enjoy return travel to Gävle by Veteran Train from the above stations. The applicable timetable will be available here. The trips will also be advertised in the local press. Admission tickets to TRAIN 150 can be bought on board and cover the cost of travel on these trains.


Train after train after train on Saturday 9 September

We will be recreating the days of yesteryear on the Gävle-Ockelbo and Gävle-Storvik lines, with trains coming and going all day long on Saturday 9 September.

All of 17 steam locos, 14 electric locos, 5 diesel locos, 2 railcars and 17 different sets of rolling stock will be made up into 80 different train formations (permutations of locos and rolling stock) with over 40 rolling stock formations. There will be goods trains pulled by two steam locos; express trains; slow, manually-braked local goods trains; museum locos pulling normal goods trains; museum trains instead of certain ordinary trains running between Ockelbo and Gävle; side-by-side running on double tracks; simultaneous departures from Gävle Central and lots, lots more. In addition, some 70 Museum Specials will be running in Gävle.

There will be station masters at the stations, goods will be loaded and unloaded, there will be veteran buses and trucks meeting the trains. The tickets will be clipped by conductors wearing authentic uniforms. And if you are lucky, you might even see a famous face beneath the peak of a conductor’s cap. And Skånska Jernbanekapellet (Skåne Railway Band) will be playing at Gävle Central Station, and Kolforsen and Ockelbo Stations.

Most of the trains will run to and from the TRAIN 150 area. They will stop at Gävle Central, Sandviken, Storvik, Kolforsen, and Ockelbo as per a special timetable, more information here.

Remember! Only one kind of ticket is valid on board these trains - the admission ticket to TRAIN 150.


The modern train exhibition

The modern train exhibition is located on the old AGEVE site, next door to the Swedish Railway Museum. The exhibition features all the latest in express trains, electric locos, diesel locos, goods wagons, carriages, and machinery and equipment for track laying and maintenance.


Historic train exhibition

A lot of previously never-before shown exhibits will be on display at the Swedish Railway Museum, and various locos and items of rolling stock have now been included in the permanent exhibition. Several locos will have steam up by the turntable outside the Museum. Railcars will also be under power. Visitors will be most welcome to climb into the cab and say hello. The Hennan station building has been moved to Gävle, where a station park and railway park are being built around it. Trains that have to be turned around or made up in a different way will be arriving one after another at Hennan. The old UGJ loco sheds will feature a living loco station and workshop where steam locos and other locos will be serviced throughout the event.


For the kids

The Swedish Railway Museum has a large area for children, with miniature trains, roundabouts and other fun attractions.


If you want to photograph moving trains. Or just watch them.

The evening of Saturday 9 September will see some great photo opportunities for catching steam engines by the turntable outside the UGJ loco shed. What we offer is that this area will be stripped from visitors during 20.30 -22.00 hours, and a photographer’s line will be arranged. The only people moving around the locos then are loco- and loco shed staff in historically correct clothing. We can however not offer a complete silence for sound recordings, but we can offer great photo opportunities of the locos and the environment, with stand and long finishing in the twilight. The photographing costs nothing more than the admission for the museum area, and is open for everybody.


Saturday 9 September we also offer photo busses between Storvik and Sandviken in the morning as well as in the later afternoon, with great photo opportunities for catching several trains along the line.

For detailed information on opportunities for photographing or watching trains running along the line, how to book the photo busses and costs.  The site will contain sketches of good places for photography, maps showing how to get there, graphic timetables and loco and rolling stock rosters.


Full supporting programme at the Museum

The TRAIN 150 area (Swedish Railway Museum and AGEVE) will feature several restaurant tents and other facilities for eating and drinking or buying refreshments.
Visitors will be able to buy special issue Railway Stamps and have their letters and postcards
franked at the Post Office railbus trailer at the Museum.
Riksbanken (Bank of Sweden) will be issuing commemorative coins to celebrate the 150th
anniversary of the railways in Sweden. The coins will be on sale from lunchtime on Friday.
An exhibition of the history of railway gardens will be on view in a special exhibition
Thursday 7 September
11.00 - JärnvägsMusei Vänner (Friends of the Railway Museum) will present a surprise at the
OKB turntable.
13.00 - A train pulled by the steam loco Göta will arrive at Hennan Station with a
consignment of several new railway books. These books will then be launched at Hennan
Station, where they will be available for sale throughout the whole of TRAIN 150.
Friday 8 September
12.00 - A display of the renovation work carried out by the Swedish Railway Museum Loco &
Rolling Stock Group on the Ra 846 electric loco and the Co8a 2772 wooden wagon.
The new coins issued by Riksbanken to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the railways
in Sweden will arrive at Hennan Station in a train pulled by the steam loco Prins August. The
coins will then be launched at Hennan Station, where they will be available for sale
throughout the whole of TRAIN 150.
A switch from Växjö with three gauges will be built up. There was once a switch in Växjö with all the three gauges 891, 1067 and 1435 mm. It has been in storage with the Swedish Railway Museum for a long time, and is now being built up in order to be a part of a future railway system with these gauges at our area. Work will be done on the building up of this switch between 11.00 and 16.00. Take the chance to see this unique switch, and discuss with the navvies that are building it.
Saturday 9 September
Svenska Järnvägsmäns Musikkår (Swedish Railwaymen’s Band) will be playing in the
Museum grounds throughout the day.
12.20 - The Göta and Prins August steam locos, each pulling a historic train, will arrive at
Hennan Station. The trains will be lined up for a photo op in front of the station building.
14.00 - Hennan Station will be reinaugurated by Swedish TV personality Ingvar Oldsberg.
The Museum and the restaurant and cafeteria amenities will stay open during the evening.
Skånska Jernbanekapellet (Skåne Railway Band) will provide the music.
Sunday 10 September
 09.00-17.00 - Giant Railway Market in the OKB loco shed.
10.00 - Skånska Jernbanekapellet will be playing at the OKB turntable. 

Ancillary events Saturday 9 September


12.00-13.00 - Banverket’s Central Track Region, Wij Gardens and Ockelbo Municipality will inaugurate the newly refurbished Ockelbo Station and grounds on Saturday. Ockelbo Station will be throbbing with activities throughout the whole day.

Kolforsen:                                                                                                                                                            The local residents’ association will have the charcoaling stack burning and organise refreshments for train spotters in Kolforsen, and the Jädraås-Tallås Railway will be helping to recreate an old station. So we can really recommend a trip from Gävle to Kolforsen. Old railway buses will be used to provide a free veteran bus service between Kolforsen and Ockelbo.


There will be a Wild West Day and Veteran Car Meet at the station. The station café will be open.


Sandvikens Brandmuseum (Fire Fighting Museum) will be on hand to refill the steam locos with water when the trains stop.


10.00 to 15.00 - EuroMaint will have open house on Saturday. A railcar excursion service will run from Gävle Central Station to EuroMaint’s facility throughout the day. A “biogas” train will be just one of the interesting items EuroMaint will be showing at the facility.


Locating the Swedish Railway Museum

The Swedish Railway Museum is located in Gävle, the largest town in the province of Gästrikland, northern Sweden.
Gävle, on the north-east coast of Sweden, is about two hours by road from Stockholm. On
 approaching Gävle on the E4 highway, turn off at Gävle S and follow the signs for
Gävle is a one-hour rail journey from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.
Gävle is 90 minutes by rail from Stockholm Central Station; just the right distance for a day’s
outing. The Museum lies within walking distance of Gävle Station (approx. 2 km).
 Visitors who would like to overnight in Gävle will find a wide choice of hotels. For further
 information on accommodation, please visit www.gastrikland.com

TRAIN 150 is right on track to become an unforgettable experience.
You‘ll be really sorry if you miss it! 

Swedish Railway Museum, Gävle

Tel: +46 26 14 46 15

E-mail: jarnvagsmuseum@banverket.se



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