TÅG 150 – Tidernas största tågfest med gamla, nya och framtidens tåg
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TRAIN 150 in Gävle 7-10 september 2006

Information on great photo opportunities for the one that wants to photograph the trains along the line


Photo information
During TRAIN 150 we welcome all to take photos of trains.
In the following 11 pages we have suggested a number of locations for good photographing that have been explored by Sten-Åke Bergholm. Fredrik Sargren has made the sketches.
   Please keep in mind that it is forbidden to walk around in the tracks without proper education from Banverket (Swedish Railway Administration) regulation 923, as well as with security waistcoat.
   Please, also do not trespass private roads or grounds.
   We beg you to respect this so that we also, in the future, may have the confidence of Banverket, the railway trade and the public to organise similar events for you in the future as well.


Recommended photo locations
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1  Forsby

2  Åbyggeby

3  Oslättfors

4  Råhällan

5  Skolforsen

6  Testeboån

7  Klackvägen

8  Eriksberg

9  Nygårds

10 Yttermyra

11 Österberg


Karta över fotoplatser TÅG 150



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